Javier Acosta

Date of Birth December 21, 1986
Residence Monterrey N.l.
Marital Status: single
Nicknames: Javy
Hobbies: Soccer
Sponsors: Pro circuit, No fear, Sidi Boots, Long Hard Ride, Kawasaki, Scott, Dunlop, Yoshimura, Factory Backing, Vortex, Acerbis
I started riding when I was 14 years old
My favorite rider is Rene Reyes
My greatest accomplishment outside of riding is Combine family, work, school and my sport
If I wasnt riding Iíd more than likely be a soccer player or maybe a great business man why not?
My favorite music: 1
My favorite movie: 1
My favorite restaurant: Alitas
If money wasn't an object I'd have a really nice big house with a super cross track and obviously a pretty wife too
Most treasured possession: My Bike
My daily routine: Make some body work, than go school and finally work with long hard ride family
Three words to describe myself: Friendly, Commitment and Happy
Accomplishments: I had a solid run for the last 7 years and these are my highlights:
2001 State Novice Champion (125&250cc)
2001 State Novice of the year
2001 Sate Rider of the year
2002 State Intermediate Champion (125&250cc)
2002 State Rider of the year
2003 Mexico Olympics Bronze medal
2003 State Intermediate Champion (125&250cc)
2003 I established a record for consecutive championships
*I won 5 Mexican Nationals races
2004 Mexico Olympics Gold medal
2004 Sate Expert Champion (125cc)
*I won 5 Mexican Nationals races
2005 State Expert champion (250)
2005 Sate Expert Champion (125cc)
2005 regional champion
2005 5th Mexico National supercross series
*Iím on top 5 national races
2006 Iím on the top of state points standings
2006 Iím on the top 7 of National points standings
2006 College Boy TX/NM series AX Championship
2006 450 B TX/NM series AX Championship
2006 I qualified for Ponca City but was impossible to go
2006 Several Wins on Mexico races also some on America
*******I was on a movie filming for the cinema. ******
2007 4th place at Booko AX as amateur
2007 College Boy TX/NM AX series AX Championship
2007 Colombia Latin-American race
2007 Costa Rica Latin-American race
2008 Out of races for a couple months
*****In addition I had been riding some regional American Arenacross and motocross races gaining good results as of the Top-5 in Amateur classes