Jason Johnson

Date of Birth 9/18/89
Residence Manteca, Ca
Marital Status: single
Nicknames: Tallcan, Jesus, bernice
Hobbies: Riding, eating, sleeping, chillin
Sponsors: LHR
I started riding when I was 12
My favorite rider is Mike Aitken
My greatest accomplishment outside of riding is graduation, and living my life
If I wasnt riding Id more than likely be a gansta
My favorite music: metal, anything yelling at me.
My favorite movie: the guardian
My favorite restaurant: olive garden
If money wasn't an object I'd buy everyone that i know anything they wanted
Most treasured possession: my bike
My daily routine: wake up, eat, go ride all day, chill, go to sleep, do it all over the next day
Three words to describe myself: dedicated, happy, chill
Accomplishments: jumping the fence at the skatepark, getting 2nd place at the Playstation Jam