Travis Mayer

Date of Birth 10-26-1990
Residence Woodstock, GA
Marital Status: Single
Nicknames: Flash, T-Rizzle
Hobbies: Training, Basketball, Hanging out with friends
Sponsors: Loco MX, Unbound Energy, FMF, Six Six One, Dunlop, Scott Goggles, Sunline, Tag Metals, Twin Air, FCR Racing Suspension, Decal MX, and Serious Racewear
I started riding when I was 12
My favorite rider is Ricky Carmichael
If I wasnt riding Id more than likely be A mechanic for a motocross team.
My favorite music: Christian, Rock, Screamo, and Techno
My favorite movie: Never Back Down, Shooter and The Guardian
My favorite restaurant: ESPN Zone
If money wasn't an object I'd uy my family what ever they wanted and give a lot of it to our church.
Most treasured possession: My family and friends
My daily routine: Get up at 5:30 go run till 6:30, then go to school and work out at school. Then come home and do a spin class at the YMCA, then go home and eat, and sometimes ride.
Three words to describe myself: Determined, passionate, and Driven
Accomplishments: 5/17/2008 Lazy River Loretta Lynn Qualifier 125 B mod- 15th
5/17/2008 Lazy River Loretta Lynn Qualifier 14 to 24- 6th
5/16/2008 Lazy River Loretta Lynn Qualifier- Unlimited A/B- 13th
5/16/2008 Lazy River Loretta Lynn Qualifier 125 B stock-20th DNF first moto
4/12/2008 Strawberry Hill- 125 B- 1st
4/12/2008 Strawberry Hill- Unlimited AM-3rd
2/16/2008 Strawberry Hill- 125 B- 2nd
2/16/2008 Strawberry Hill- Unlimited AM- 2nd
9/26/2007 Carolina Cup- 125 B 9th
9/26/2007 Carolina Cup - 4 Stroke 4th
9/15/2007 summer series Unlimited Am 5th
9/15/2007 summer series 4 Stroke 10th
8/1/2007 Fall series 125 open 16th
3/19/2007 SCCS 125B 18th
3/19/2007 SCCS Unlimited Am 14th
3/19/2007 SCCS 125 open 15th
3/19/2007 SCCS 4 Stroke 10th
3/3/2007 Bremen MX 125B16th
3/3/2007 Bremen MX 125 open 10th
3/3/2007 Bremen MX Unlimited Am 15th
2/18/2006 Georgia Championship Series 4 Stroke 11th
4/23/2004 Loretta Lynn Amateur Area Qualifier Unlimited Am 15th